Increasing The Life Of Your Printer

What can be more frustrating than a printer that refuses to work fine when you are nearing the deadlines of your projects? What else can you do except kick your printer in agitation? However, this might not have happened if you would have taken good care of your printer and maintained it well.

Proper maintenance of your printer can make it work efficiently for years without trouble. For laser printers, a laser toner cartridge would seem quite a burden on your pocket. However, if you use your printer properly you may be able to save quite a lot of expenses. One way to do this would be buying bulk ink. This is cost efficient and saves you from problems in the future to quite an extent.

To maintain your printer for efficient working and an increased life span, you first need to limit down the extra usage of your printer. ‘Extra usage’ may mean printing a document several times due to the mistakes that are printed each time. Therefore, before you print a document, you need to take into account of the following areas:

Select eco-friendly fontsSimple yet elegant design

Eco-friendly fonts are the ones that use less of your ink or toner. You may also wish to download software such as ecofont. Stopuch software can reduce the ink used, up to 20% making your font eco-friendly.

Proofread before you print

This way you can minimize the mistakes made in the document to quite a degree, and thus save the number of times you have to discard the faulty print.

Print only what is needed by you

You might not want to print the whole document with all the illustration and graphics. If you need the text, do not print the pictures and do not print text if you need graphics. You can print black and white and avoid the colored print as far as possible. This may be applicable when you are printing something that is not your final document.

Maintenance and cleaning of your printer

For inkjet prMaintenance and cleaning of your printerinters, most of the cleaning is required by the printing heads. To clean them you should first take out the cartridges and then wipe the dry ink accumulated on them using a moist cloth. Later, you can put them back. You must also change the cartridges timely and use quality cartridges that are not subject to any leakages which may cause hazards.


As for laser printers, the primary area to clean is the rollers. The soft rubber coating on them is to be cleaned by a piece of wet cloth. You can also vacuum the inside part of the printer to remove any toner particles that may be deposited. Also, you must learn to maintain and replace the fuse promptly.

Printers of renowned companies also offer printer maintenance kits along with the printer. Keep them within your reach and also keep using it as there are parts in them that will wear out with time. Maintain your printer well and make it last long