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It can be convenient to have a mobile data collection app, especially if you are running a business. That way, you to collect data, conduct surveys, and acquire order forms in real time and view them on your smartphone or tablet. The best mobile data collection apps are ready to go within 24 hours of setting it up. Look for a mobile HTML5 app that can be sent to your smartphone fast, so you can edit, add, and observe your data anywhere as soon as you receive it. A good mobile data collection app should improve the way you manage your workforce while minimizing the time spent in implementing data. The Conseris mobile app is one great application for data collection. Once you receive the app, you can start using it to improve your productivity and reduce redundancy.

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Mobile data collection app

Mobile Data CollectionSome companies can design a mobile data collection app according to your needs. Browse through their selection of templates to find the one that can meet most of your requirements. There are mobile data collection apps that are designed to help you receive repeat distributor orders through your smart phone. This way, you can quickly process your regular order collection system in your distribution network. Data can be imported to your fulfillment system or sent for approval. An app can be designed to help you export collected orders and track field staff, too.

Data for business

There are various other apps that you can use to collect data for your business. A retail order collector eliminates the need to use bill books, which can become cluttered and mixed up as your business grows. This type of app can help you track stock movement, enable any field staff, acquire new order requests from retailers, and collate data into a single master location on a cloud. Some apps can let you share achievements of individual sales with your team so you can import budgets, provide transparent monthly performance reports, and allow your team to work their performance dashboards.


Mobile Data CollectionOrder a mobile data collection app from a reputable source that can provide honest prices without any hidden fees. Some apps come with a free account to a secure Cloud system so that data can be delivered directly and backed up in that account. If you are not sure which mobile data collection system is right for you, some companies provide a 15-day no-obligation free trial. And in case you are unhappy with the app that you purchased, make sure that you can cancel your account at any time by sending the company an appropriate email.