How You Can Use APIs in Your Business

It sounds like a very complicated computer science term when you hear of the term Application Program Interface (API). In reality, it is quite simple, and something we interact with online daily. APIs are interfaces that enable communication between one software application to another. It allows for safe information sharing between two different applications. Using APIs in your business can be very beneficial. A reliable booking API significantly reduces the workload of office employees , for example, increasing the staff’s productivity. Besides, connections between apps, systems, and devices can only happen with the help of APIs.

Below are some other ways you can use APIs in your business:

Web Data Analytics

analysng websitesIn recent years, every company with a website has been conducting web analytics. This is because every visitor to a site has a specific need and it is through analytics, you can identify this and address the need. Analytics help examines user activities and conversations so that companies can use the data to enhance performance.
It is through APIs that you can obtain your website analytics data. Google Analytics, for example, has various APIs that can be used to collect analytic data on your website’s performance.

Project Management

If your business has many employees, you are probably using some software applications to manage your team effectively. In between these software applications, there must be data sharing and communication. In some instances, an employee will be required to share a file with another employee. At the same time, you might need to post data from your management programs to other apps like MS Excel. This form of communication can only be facilitated with APIs.

Online Payments

payemnet over the internetIn this modern world, online payments have become very popular. People can now shop anywhere in the world and pay for the items using online systems. Any form of online money transfers and digital payments uses APIs.Typically,users need assurance about the security of online transactions, and it is through APIs that you can keep the operations safe and secure. Some of the popular online payment APIs that you can link with your website include Payoneer, PayPal, and Skrill.

Social Media Sharing

Social APIs have been a significant game-changer for several businesses. They make content sharing and distribution through various social media networks easier. This is extremely important, especially for marketing. On top of that, a website visitor can access or your social media pages from your website.Signing up to sites has also been made easier. You instantly sign up by sharing either your Facebook, google or linked in profiles. If your business is not using social APIs, then it is high time you start doing so.