Can I Unlock an IOS Device iCloud unlock Without a Password?


Today our most trusted partner to answer questions is the tablet and phone. They provide answers to all our pending questions. Every moment that boredom creeps in, we find ourselves going into our pockets or purses for our phones. Our tablets and phones are an actual extension of our memories. This is what keeps us normal and orderly. Lose one and see how dysfunctional your life will become.

There are two main reasons why one can find themselves locked out of their IOS device. One you might forget your passcode or forget it altogether. Secondly, you might have bought the device from another person, and the login details of the previous owner prevent you from setting up your iCloud account. There are several was you can proceed to unlock your device. This will depend on the backups performed, your iOS version among others. Here are a few solutions you can adopt as you try to unlock your iPhone.

How can I bypass the passcode?

an IOS DeviceAccording to various guide, it is possible to bypass this passcode. The scenarios possible can be done on the iPhone 5, 5s, 6 And 6s. It can also be performed on the Mini IPad models 1 and two which run on the 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2.1 models. Unfortunately, the IOS 10 is where your luck runs out.

First Option

Talk to Siri and ask her to open any app not contained on your phone. Siri will remit feedback that the app is not contained on your phone but it’s willing to search it for you on the App store. The app store icon will appear on your screen. A new but restricted browser windows eventually pop up. Here you can select update and click on the last app or push the home button twice for the slide preview to pop up. On swiping over the front screen task, you will have gained access to your device.

Second option

The approach is a little similar to the first one and requires that you push down the home button and ask Siri to open your clock app. Once you have done this, go to the world clock setting and select the Weather Channel LLC network. If your weather application were on default deactivation, a new application pop-up browser would appear containing App Store menu links. You can then click on an update which opens up your latest app. Tap twice on the Home button to open the multiple slides preview and bypass the password.

Third option

an IOS DeviceThis option also involves talking to Siri and asking for the Calendar app. If you see the Information of Weather Channel link right next to the Tomorrow module, click it. If your weather app were on default deactivation mode a restricted browser would pop up. Click update to open the latest version of this app or push the Home button twice to open the slide preview menu and bypass the passcode interface.

The other methods involved when unlocking your IOS device are; by using a PC, using iCloud unlock, jail breaking, etc. Once you manage to unlock it, give Siri more access without having to use a passcode.


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