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Three Tech Savvy Tips for New Startups

We are on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution, where the means of production is no longer as simplistic as producing and selling. The market today has enabled companies to read the data of their customers accurately because Artificial Intelligence can assist companies with interpreting extensive data across regions and timespans. New businesses who do not incorporate practical tech know-how are doomed to fail.

Big Data Does Matter

The bigger the data a company can gather and process, the more relevant their services and products are to the market. Surveys used to be inaccurate because they have too much human interference. Today, the Internet is a digital book that contains the behaviors of the mass. All a company needs is a means to interpret the data into a set of instructions.

For instance, when a company needs to find a credible partner, its research department can easily read the informatics of the available clients. In the US for example, US Business Database is the best informatics outsource company that has extensive data of all companies from various fields. A newly-established startup must gather the information of companies from the same business category. It will help to select competitors and partners so that the marketing division can make their best move.

Cloud Storage Integration

Allocating company’s resources to build a memory server is not an act that everyone can make, especially for new startups. The most common scenario for them is that all the budgets have been used up for the production process and marketing. In such a case, integrating the company’s administration with cloud storage service can be a tech-savvy solution.

Dropbox has been in service for ten years now. It is a veteran in the business and promises premium security and recovery for the users. If your company’s system integrates more with Google products, Google Drive can be perfect for you. And in the third place, there is the Microsoft’s product, One Drive.

Building a Digital Personality

New startups need to gather leads as many as possible because even if only a few ones turn into customers, the data still matter for company’s development. However, today’s business trend is strongly associated with the Internet. In fact, we can safely say that a business that does not appear on Google’s search result does not exist at all.

People need a figure to talk to. Your customer service and public relation department must learn to incorporate their works with social media and digital press release. No one makes a phone call to inquire about business these days. They type on Google and go with the company names that appear on the first three to five pages.