How You Can Use APIs in Your Business

It sounds like a very complicated computer science term when you hear of the term Application Program Interface (API). In reality, it is quite simple, and something we interact with online daily. APIs are interfaces that enable communication between one software application to another. It allows for safe information sharing between two different applications. Using APIs in your business can be very beneficial. A reliable booking API significantly reduces the workload of office employees , for example, increasing the staff’s productivity. Besides, connections between apps, systems, and devices can only happen with the help of APIs.

Below are some other ways you can use APIs in your business:

Web Data Analytics

analysng websitesIn recent years, every company with a website has been conducting web analytics. This is because every visitor to a site has a specific need and it is through analytics, you can identify this and address the need. Analytics help examines user activities and conversations so that companies can use the data to enhance performance.
It is through APIs that you can obtain your website analytics data. Google Analytics, for example, has various APIs that can be used to collect analytic data on your website’s performance.

Project Management

If your business has many employees, you are probably using some software applications to manage your team effectively. In between these software applications, there must be data sharing and communication. In some instances, an employee will be required to share a file with another employee. At the same time, you might need to post data from your management programs to other apps like MS Excel. This form of communication can only be facilitated with APIs.

Online Payments

payemnet over the internetIn this modern world, online payments have become very popular. People can now shop anywhere in the world and pay for the items using online systems. Any form of online money transfers and digital payments uses APIs.Typically,users need assurance about the security of online transactions, and it is through APIs that you can keep the operations safe and secure. Some of the popular online payment APIs that you can link with your website include Payoneer, PayPal, and Skrill.

Social Media Sharing

Social APIs have been a significant game-changer for several businesses. They make content sharing and distribution through various social media networks easier. This is extremely important, especially for marketing. On top of that, a website visitor can access or your social media pages from your website.Signing up to sites has also been made easier. You instantly sign up by sharing either your Facebook, google or linked in profiles. If your business is not using social APIs, then it is high time you start doing so.

Tips to Consider When Hiring a Software Developer

If you manage a start-up company and are looking for software development services for your project, you need to be aware of the intense competition. Online you will find suggestions for a list of mobile app developers. If you end up hiring a poor developer, you can harm your firm’s growth. To achieve success in the market, you should avoid poorly created and buggy software. For this reason, you need to employ a reputable remote developer or software development agency. Firms prefer hiring remote software developers due to their speed and affordability. Here are some tips to follow to help boost your job and make sure you get quality work done.

Know About Their Expertise

computer system on the screen
If you have a list of potential developers you want to hire, check their skill levels. Make your choice depending on how experienced the developer is, the projects they have previously done, their complexity, and the results. This information will give you a clear picture of the developer’s skills.

Speed and Flexibility

The person you are hiring to handle your project has to be flexible and fast to deliver results. In terms of speed, the developer needs to be able to implement each step from designing to the deployment of the software as swift as possible, maintaining quality results. He/she needs to be readily flexible to help in dealing with random changes that may occur during the development process.

Interview the Developer

If you want to make sure you hire a professional for the job, you will need to conduct a live interview with him/her. If you have business partners, make sure to involve them in the vetting process. When you identify a software developer who suits your criteria, get your business partners to continue with the interview for a fruitful interview meeting. By following these strict guidelines, you are sure of getting fast high-quality results for your tasks.

Ensure He/she Has Excellent Team Working and Communication Skills

Similar to other employees, do not ignore the developer’s job etiquette. Soft skills such as excellent communication and effective teamwork are essential skills if you want to hire an obedient and respectful staff member. For a project to be complete without hiccups, you will need a developer who understands and follows instructions to the core.

Creativity Level

Before picking any remote developer to handle your projects, assess their creative skills during the interview. If you know a thing or two about software development, you can challenge the potential developer with some simple, practical tasks. This way, you can analyze their work and make a decision depending on the results they provide.

Tips for Choosing a Laptop for Your College-Bound Student

Parents are responsible for a lot of things, and the list keeps growing. If your child is going off to a college, then you should add some things such as a laptop computer. All learning institutions require a new student to have a laptop. It does not matter whether it is for in-class use or for writing a research or term paper. The following are some of the things to consider when buying a laptop for your college student.


student notebookThe budget is an important thing to consider. You have to determine the amount of money to spend. Would you go for $1000 laptop or a $500 notebook? Perceptions and price points vary from one parent to another as far as making a good decision is concerned. It is advisable to start your search online. After this, even if you go to large computer retailers, you can get adequate information about features and price.

Operating Systems

The main operating systems used on laptops are Windows and Mac OS. Although Mac is quite cool and feature-rich, it falls a bit when it comes to compatibility. In fact, not all software applications are made for this operating system.

Additional Features

You should decide ahead of the features that a child requires in a laptop. Some of the standard accessories to look for include DVD burners, Bluetooth, and back-lit keyboards. These are features you have to check when configuring a computer and not afterwards. You can save a lot of money this way.

Warranty Service

student using a laptopIt is unfortunate that most parents do not mind about the warranty when buying a laptop. Although they know that the warranty is great for a given number of years, they forget it when buying. Taking into account data on the laptop and time it can be away from you; it is a good idea to have a warranty. Most laptop manufacturers require that you mail off the laptop to them. You should avoid such type of warranty.

Finding the right laptop can seem to be a difficult task. However, when you break the process into smaller pieces, you should make things less stressful. In this way, you can ensure you make a great purchase.

Hand holding an ipod

Three Tech Savvy Tips for New Startups

We are on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution, where the means of production is no longer as simplistic as producing and selling. The market today has enabled companies to read the data of their customers accurately because Artificial Intelligence can assist companies with interpreting extensive data across regions and timespans. New businesses who do not incorporate practical tech know-how are doomed to fail.

Big Data Does Matter

The bigger the data a company can gather and process, the more relevant their services and products are to the market. Surveys used to be inaccurate because they have too much human interference. Today, the Internet is a digital book that contains the behaviors of the mass. All a company needs is a means to interpret the data into a set of instructions.

For instance, when a company needs to find a credible partner, its research department can easily read the informatics of the available clients. In the US for example, US Business Database is the best informatics outsource company that has extensive data of all companies from various fields. A newly-established startup must gather the information of companies from the same business category. It will help to select competitors and partners so that the marketing division can make their best move.

Cloud Storage Integration

Allocating company’s resources to build a memory server is not an act that everyone can make, especially for new startups. The most common scenario for them is that all the budgets have been used up for the production process and marketing. In such a case, integrating the company’s administration with cloud storage service can be a tech-savvy solution.

Dropbox has been in service for ten years now. It is a veteran in the business and promises premium security and recovery for the users. If your company’s system integrates more with Google products, Google Drive can be perfect for you. And in the third place, there is the Microsoft’s product, One Drive.

Building a Digital Personality

New startups need to gather leads as many as possible because even if only a few ones turn into customers, the data still matter for company’s development. However, today’s business trend is strongly associated with the Internet. In fact, we can safely say that a business that does not appear on Google’s search result does not exist at all.

People need a figure to talk to. Your customer service and public relation department must learn to incorporate their works with social media and digital press release. No one makes a phone call to inquire about business these days. They type on Google and go with the company names that appear on the first three to five pages.

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Insurance BPO Services

A significant change is being felt in the insurance industry globally which is triggered by regulatory and market drivers. The most accepted modern and traditional models are currently being challenged in the market. Over the years, these insurance firms have come into terms that they require being flexible and nimble when it comes to the process of customizing their operating business models to provide to changing client’s demand. The insurers on a daily basis experience the operational expenses which include expenses ratio being improved while ensuring that their prices remain competitive in the market.

General information

Role it plays

Insurance BPO ServicesThe insurance bpo services offer global insurers with consultative services which are high touch. The firm’s deep domain expertise is leveraged to build an ascendable and reliable platform which will be based on solutions for customizing for individual business processes. The solutions are incorporated into the industry best practices, and the existence of the metrics based quality practices aid in reducing operational costs and efficiencies are improved. The investment in the customer relationship is the main areas where insurance business outsourcing services focus on through customized engagement models plus commercial constructs which are flexible. As a result a person is able to develop a significant business impact.


The requirements of the large global insurers are catered for by the insurance BPO services by providing end to end portfolio management services across the life, property, annuities and pensions. The claims management, policy administration, new business and agent servicing are some of the services that are categorized under Property and Casualty. The shared services are under billing, finance, business intelligence analytics, contact center services and process advisory. There is existence of services offered by technology enabled differentiated solutions.

Benefits of insurance BPO services

In these insurance firms, they have employed a group of workers who are dedicated to their work and have got enough experience and are multi-skilled SMEs and are specialists in insurance domain. A person at the end of the day can get strategic product partnerships with another meeting the requirements of outsourcing insurance service. With the leading consulting partners and platform vendors, a person business can form strategic alliances globally.


Insurance BPO ServicesThe platform-based process design, delivery, implementation and enterprise-wide transformational and collaborative are facilitated by these leading provider of insurance outsourcing business solutions. The rate of acquisition of new business has been improved over the years, and forty percent is the increase meant percentage.

Can I Unlock an IOS Device iCloud unlock Without a Password?


Today our most trusted partner to answer questions is the tablet and phone. They provide answers to all our pending questions. Every moment that boredom creeps in, we find ourselves going into our pockets or purses for our phones. Our tablets and phones are an actual extension of our memories. This is what keeps us normal and orderly. Lose one and see how dysfunctional your life will become.

There are two main reasons why one can find themselves locked out of their IOS device. One you might forget your passcode or forget it altogether. Secondly, you might have bought the device from another person, and the login details of the previous owner prevent you from setting up your iCloud account. There are several was you can proceed to unlock your device. This will depend on the backups performed, your iOS version among others. Here are a few solutions you can adopt as you try to unlock your iPhone.

How can I bypass the passcode?

an IOS DeviceAccording to various guide, it is possible to bypass this passcode. The scenarios possible can be done on the iPhone 5, 5s, 6 And 6s. It can also be performed on the Mini IPad models 1 and two which run on the 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2.1 models. Unfortunately, the IOS 10 is where your luck runs out.

First Option

Talk to Siri and ask her to open any app not contained on your phone. Siri will remit feedback that the app is not contained on your phone but it’s willing to search it for you on the App store. The app store icon will appear on your screen. A new but restricted browser windows eventually pop up. Here you can select update and click on the last app or push the home button twice for the slide preview to pop up. On swiping over the front screen task, you will have gained access to your device.

Second option

The approach is a little similar to the first one and requires that you push down the home button and ask Siri to open your clock app. Once you have done this, go to the world clock setting and select the Weather Channel LLC network. If your weather application were on default deactivation, a new application pop-up browser would appear containing App Store menu links. You can then click on an update which opens up your latest app. Tap twice on the Home button to open the multiple slides preview and bypass the password.

Third option

an IOS DeviceThis option also involves talking to Siri and asking for the Calendar app. If you see the Information of Weather Channel link right next to the Tomorrow module, click it. If your weather app were on default deactivation mode a restricted browser would pop up. Click update to open the latest version of this app or push the Home button twice to open the slide preview menu and bypass the passcode interface.

The other methods involved when unlocking your IOS device are; by using a PC, using iCloud unlock, jail breaking, etc. Once you manage to unlock it, give Siri more access without having to use a passcode.



Tips To Choosing An SEO Firm

If you are a business owner and have a service or product to sell, then it is vital to have a strategy on how to reach your target market. For many, this involves having a marketing team that plans on what to do. With technological advancements, many people are turning to the internet to get information about products or service that they may need. As a company or individual who owns a business, it is vital that you have presence on the internet to market your product or service. SEO firms are the companies to go to, to receive this services. These are firms that come up with strategies to increase the client’s visibility online, reach the target market, direct traffic to their website so as they can increase their sales. This is therefore a form of internet marketing. If you are looking to do internet marketing sacramento, below are some tips on how to choose an SEO firm.

Choosing An SEO Firm

Look at the firm’s experience

When choosing an SEO firm, one needs to look at the number of years the firm has been in oseoperation. Expertise come through experience and an SEO company that has been in the market for a while will have the knowledge on strategies and techniques that need to be employed to deliver the clients objectives. If the company is relatively new, then look at the experience of the directors and their achievements.

Consider their portfolio

As a client, you want to have the assurance that the SEO firm will deliver on the objective that you have set for them. One way of having this is by asking for case studies of companies that are the same as your business and what the results were. Such information will give you the confidence that the company can deliver and are knowledgeable of your industries need.

What is the cost for the service

Cost is a key factor in any service delivery. SEO services rates will vary according to the project that needs to be done. For instance designing a new website and redesigning an existing one for easy of navigation will have a different cost. The former involves creating a website from the start while the later is just doing a bit of work on the current site. One needs to compare the rates of a couple of companies before making a decision.

Reports and communication policy

Reports and communication policyThis is an important aspect of service delivery. The SEO firm needs to have a clear policy of giving reports and communicating to their clients. This is where the client will get updates of what the company has achieved and plans of what they plan to do.

Uses Of The Ring Video Door Bell

The Ring Video Doorbell is a smart home automation appliance that is internet enabled and that allows the homeowner to open the door or monitor compound activities from a centralized position. The Ring doorbell is designed to enable the user to speak, hear and see visitors on their porch from the convenience of the smartphone or tablet. Moreover, it allows one to open the door from anywhere in the house with the touch of a button from a very friendly user interface. Interestingly, is very easy to mount the best smart doorbell strategically in the home which allows monitoring ad record the visitors that come o the business. Hence, the Ring Video Door Bell has multiple uses that include;


 The Ring Video Door Bell

The Ring Video Doorbell is designed to provide the homeowner with maximum security at all times. The doorbell uses unique motion sensors and detectors to notify the user of approaching visitors or intruders in the compound. Moreover, it allows one to identify visitors who come to the doorstep and who seek entry into the house. The Video Ring Doorbell enables the user to monitor the activities of the compound with a keen eye remotely or within the house without having to move from one location to the other.


Interestingly, by integrating the Ring App, it is possible to open the door from any point of the house. This is possible through using a phone, tablet or laptop. Hence, this means that one does not need to leave the study, the bedroom, the kitchen or even the living room to come to the door rather by pressing a button the door opens and grants entry to the identified individual.

Video recording

The Ring Video Doorbell has an inbuilt video recording facility that allows the homeowner to record the activities of the home. This assists to scrutinize and monitor the patterns through which individuals approach and use the compound. Moreover, it may record abnormalities such as burglary attempts. These video recordings are stored in the cloud storage which makes them easily retrieval able for use or further monitoring.

All weather monitoring

 The Ring Video Door Bell

It is possible to monitor the compound or the porch at all times using the Ring Video door bell. This is because; the doorbell has an infrared night vision feature that makes it possible to identify any abnormalities that occur in the porch or parking during the day or night. Interestingly, the Ring Video Doorbell can also withstand both low and high temperatures hence making it adaptable to varying weather conditions thereby ensuring that it operates efficiently and accurately at all times.

Mobile phone

Application For Mobile Data Collection

It can be convenient to have a mobile data collection app, especially if you are running a business. That way, you to collect data, conduct surveys, and acquire order forms in real time and view them on your smartphone or tablet. The best mobile data collection apps are ready to go within 24 hours of setting it up. Look for a mobile HTML5 app that can be sent to your smartphone fast, so you can edit, add, and observe your data anywhere as soon as you receive it. A good mobile data collection app should improve the way you manage your workforce while minimizing the time spent in implementing data. The Conseris mobile app is one great application for data collection. Once you receive the app, you can start using it to improve your productivity and reduce redundancy.

General information

Mobile data collection app

Mobile Data CollectionSome companies can design a mobile data collection app according to your needs. Browse through their selection of templates to find the one that can meet most of your requirements. There are mobile data collection apps that are designed to help you receive repeat distributor orders through your smart phone. This way, you can quickly process your regular order collection system in your distribution network. Data can be imported to your fulfillment system or sent for approval. An app can be designed to help you export collected orders and track field staff, too.

Data for business

There are various other apps that you can use to collect data for your business. A retail order collector eliminates the need to use bill books, which can become cluttered and mixed up as your business grows. This type of app can help you track stock movement, enable any field staff, acquire new order requests from retailers, and collate data into a single master location on a cloud. Some apps can let you share achievements of individual sales with your team so you can import budgets, provide transparent monthly performance reports, and allow your team to work their performance dashboards.


Mobile Data CollectionOrder a mobile data collection app from a reputable source that can provide honest prices without any hidden fees. Some apps come with a free account to a secure Cloud system so that data can be delivered directly and backed up in that account. If you are not sure which mobile data collection system is right for you, some companies provide a 15-day no-obligation free trial. And in case you are unhappy with the app that you purchased, make sure that you can cancel your account at any time by sending the company an appropriate email.