Android Applications For Finance

The modern generation has grown up on applications. Applications are therefore required for everything. They help to facilitate most of the life processes and the day to day activities thus making life more comfortable and enjoyable. Application developers have designed mobile apps which are very effective and efficient in the finance field. These  finance applications are: personal finance

The application allows the users in keeping track of their personal bank accounts from any place. Also, the spending of money can also be tracked. It also helps in creating a budget and saving more money. It also enables you to categorize your financial transactions as well as viewing of graphs and charts showing your expense patterns.


This application allows you to send money very fast. It is a universal application with outstanding features just like other banking platforms such as transferring money, checking the account balances .e.t.c. It has a locally enabled function which allows the user to connect with the local merchants and thus pay them through PayPal. The app also helps you in keeping your financial information safe and secure.

Google Finance

This application enables the user to stream all the real time quotes. It is synchronized with the Google and finance portfolios.

Google Wallet

This appGoogle Walletlication is designed for keeping all your credit and debit cards secure and safe. It enables the user to pay for the sore purchases by use of debit cards or credit card. You just need a phone to perform this operation. The payment information is transmitted via NFC.


This is a free application especially for the Android phones which allows the user to keep track of all the shipments in a single screen. With this app, you can view the various items before they get to the visual tracking map. You can then receive push notifications once the package has been delivered.


This application is a digital filling cabinet. It helps in keeping the necessary documents together. With this app, the users can get rid of the paper clutter and therefore store their documents intact and in soft form.

E-trade MobileE-trade Mobile

This app allows the users to stream the real-life quotes, monitor brokerage accounts, and manage accounts as well as placing trade stocks.  Also, it allows you to deposit cheques and transfer cash quickly.


This app allows you to get free expense reports by importing receipts and payments directly from your credit card statements. It also helps the user in submitting the PDF expense report via email.