A Review Of The Best Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops require a combination of some features to make the gaming experience smooth and enjoyable. When combined with the best gaming mouse and chair, the experience can be spectacular and addicting. In 2017, most people are interested to know the best gaming laptops under 1000 USD. Well, it is possible to get great laptops with this figure as the computer manufacturers give more value for money to compete for the market. Below we, review the best gaming laptops under 1000 USD.

Gaming laptops under 1000

Dell Inspiron i17559

Gaming LaptopsThis gaming model offers great features for the money. It is light in weight and has a cool look. The screen offers some of the best, crisp and vivid images courtesy of the full HD screen and vibrant graphics. To ensure a flawless play of the game, they have fitted the laptop with a GTX 960M graphic card. The 8GB ram would be considered as good for gaming.

Gamers cherish sound and on this particular laptop, no compromise on the same. It comes with clear sound although the experienced gamers say they would have done better. They have fitted the laptop with a 256GB SSD hard drive, which is a bit of a drawback. The laptop is a great save on money and anyone who doesn’t mind the lower ram, and hard disk space is better off this option.

The Asus ROG GL 752 VW

Asus ROG series is well known for superior performance. Well, giving the world a gaming laptop under 1000 is a great break through. This laptop comes with combines professional design, excellent memory and superior graphics for gaming enthusiasts. With a backlit keyboard and a 1080P screen, gamers could not ask more for the price. It is also powered by a 16GB RAM which according to most gamers is more than enough to play any heavy game.

Gaming LaptopsThe GTX 960M graphic card ensures that the laptop can run the latest games both at medium or high speed. The quad-core 6th generation i7 processor is one of the best the current market offers below 1000 USD. However, the battery is a bit of a let down as one has to charge after about two hours. So you are better of playing near a power point to avoid disappointment.


Both above-reviewed laptops are smooth in most of the latest games making them the best gaming laptops under 100. They have the basics of gaming regarding graphics and speed.